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Infographics developed for the Development Ideas website

To visually illustrate some of the tables and graphs in the book, Development Ideas produced a series of infographics. We thought we would collect… Read more

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Third #DevtIDEAS Debate: ICTs – technologies for oppression or liberation?

A video and summary of the third #DevtIDEAS Debate: ICTs – technologies for oppression or liberation?  UPDATED POST: April 7, 2015, Originally published March… Read more

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Editors’ panel at World Bank

VIDEO: The World Bank hosted a panel discussion to launch the book “International Development: Ideas, Experience, and Prospects” on November 20th, 2014. ©World Bank (English only)…. Read more

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The Future of Poverty

VIDEO: David Hulme reflects on Millennium Development Goals and the path ahead beyond 2015. Recorded at Yale University in October 2013. (English only) What is… Read more

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Second #DevtIDEAS Debate — Growth or equity: which comes first?

Second #DevtIDEAS Debate:  Growth or equity: which comes first? UPDATED POST: Febuary 1, 2015, Originally published 27 November 2014 When thinking about development economics,… Read more

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Resilience in Agriculture

VIDEO: Rajul Pandya-Lorch explains food security means today. Recorded at authors’ workshop in Ottawa in October 2011. (English only) Our understanding of agriculture and its links… Read more

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Think small, think big

VIDEO: Book launch at the UN-WIDER Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, June 2014. (English only) Young professionals imagine development differently… creating digital apps and soccer balls… Read more

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First #DevtIDEAS Debate — International Development: How Experience Changes Our Ideas

Video: First #DevtIDEAS Debate online. Launching Development Ideas with our first #DevtIDEAS Debate! THIS POST WAS UPDATED: June 30, 2014 International Development: how experience… Read more

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